Bakelite: 4 reasons to choose it instead of plastics!


AUGUST, 2019


It happened just yesterday: a boy created a story on instagram, showing his followers the wonderful landscape that surrounds him and immediately after he throws a plastic bottle into the sea. Needless to say, the boy will be sued. Calculating that each year 570 thousand tons of plastics end up in the Mediterranean waters, it is clear how little each of us is educated to protect the environment.

As clear is how much misinformation there is regarding the multiplicity of plastic materials existing on earth in 2019. And it is precisely this that we want to talk about today: we wish to take you on an informative journey into the world of Bakelite, giving you 4 valid reasons to choose it at the expense of plastic traditional.

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1. Bakelite is biobased.

Bakelite is actually a material composed of a resin impregnated with a filling material. This material often corresponds to the biological and ecofriendly part of Bakelite itself: we speak of wood, graphite, mica, diatomaceous earth and so on.

2. Insulation for temperature and energy.

Furthermore, bakelite has thermoelectric insulating characteristics. Suffice it to say that already in the 1920s the first telephones and the first radios were made of Bakelite.

3. Practically indestructible!

In history, Bakelite is the first thermosetting material that has ever been produced. This means that once melted, cooled in a mold and hardened, it can no longer be heated or reshaped, and this makes it very resistant, as well as non-flammable and resistant to chemicals.

4. Perfect for everything.

In history, Bakelite has been widely used, from telephones (as we have seen) to toys, cooking utensils, weapons, and so on. However, the possibility of being able to polish it, color it and make it aesthetically pleasing, soon led it to be a sought-after material for design objects and accessories.

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